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Frequently Asked Questions about Location

Where is Airlie Beach?

Airlie Beach is the mainland gateway to the beautiful Whitsundays Islands and Barrier Reef.

Airlie Beach is located 1135km north of Brisbane and 650km south of Cairns.  The coastal town is 20Km from the inland sugarcane township of Proserpine.

When driving to Airlie Beach on the Bruce Highway, you will have to take the Proserpine exit and travel a further 20km to the coast.

Airlie Beach is the location for anyone seeking to explore the Whitsunday Islands providing the ideal starting point for trips to Hamilton Island, Daydream Island, Whitehaven Beach and the Barrier Reef.

Whilst providing ready access to all of the beautiful Whitsunday Islands Airlie Beach also provides easy access to many mainland attractions including Hideaway Bay, Dingo Beach, Cedar Creek Falls and the Conway National Park.

Other approximate driving distances to Airlie Beach from major Australian cities include, 1850km from Sydney and 2450km from Melbourne with the Mackay located approximately 125km to the south.

Can we fly to Airlie Beach

There are two airports available to you if you wish to fly to Airlie Beach. Both Airports are within the Whitsundays and are only a short connecting trip to Airlie Beach.

Proserpine Airport (also known as Whitsunday Airport) is on the mainland and is a scenic 35 minutes drive from Airlie Beach. Resort transfers or taxicabs are readily available to you.

Hamilton Island Airport is connected to Airlie Beach by a regular 45 minute ferry service which will deliver you to either the Abel Point Marina (10 minutes from the Resort) or Shute Harbour (20 minutes from the Resort). Resort shuttles and taxicabs are available from either landing point.

The Whitsundays Ferry service may be the ideal way to start your Airlie Beach getaway as you cruise through the scenic Whitsunday Islands with the opportunity of whale watching during the Autumn season.


How do we get to the resort from the airport?

Proserpine Airport:  You may choose to utilise any of the services available to you.   These include;

a)   airport shuttle transfers which operate to the resort from each flight daily.  We are happy to book these for you.  The shuttle service currently costs $15 per person(1)  with the service taking approximately 35 minutes.

b)   Taxicab services are available from the Airport to your destination.  Typically the taxi fare from the Proserpine Airport to The Whitsundays Resort will cost $85 approximately.

c)    Rental Car pick up (and delivery) is available from the Proserpine Airport with services provided by Hertz, Avis and Budget car rental.  Parking is available to you at the Whitsunday Resort at no additional charge.

Hamilton Island Airport:

a)   Cruise Whitsundays operate a regular 45 minute ferry service to Airlie Beach that will deliver you to either the Abel Point Marina (10 minutes from the Resort) or Shute Harbour (20 minutes from the Resort).

The Ferry terminal at Hamilton Island is adjacent to the Hamilton Island Airport with ticketing available.  The ferry to and from Hamilton Island is provided by Cruise Whitsundays and must be booked direct with them on 07 4946 4662.

The ferry and flight timetables are coordinated to ensure that the ferries leave Hamilton Island reasonably promptly after your arrival however we recommend you confirm your transfers prior to arrival to ensure scheduled times are current.

The resort offers complimentary shuttle pickups from Abel Point Marina for in house guests.


How do we book our transfers?

From Proserpine Airport:  The resort can book your shuttle transfers to and from Proserpine Airport on request. The shuttle service currently costs $15 per person(1)  with the service taking approximately 35 minutes.

From Hamilton Island Airport:  All transfers to and from Hamilton Island are via Cruise Whitsundays.  Ferry tickets are available at the ferry terminal adjacent to the Hamilton Island Airport however we would recommend that you book directly with Cruise Whitsundays on 07 4946 4662.

We recommend you confirm your transfers prior to arrival to ensure scheduled times are current.

When is the best time to travel to the Whitsundays?

Airlie Beach is well renowned for its subtropical climate and weather year round. During the wet season (Jan – April) the weather can become rather humid and hot. However Airlie Beach maintains a relatively steady maximum temperature at 32C, and manages to escape the humidity that Tropical northern Queensland can experience during the summer months.

Airlie Beach’s climate also experiences a cool, dry season during the months of June through to October. For the period of these several months the temperatures still remain relatively warm compared to the remainder of Australia, allowing the winter nights to stay fairly comfortable and warm. The maximum temperature during this time frame arrives at 27C and the minimum is approximately 16C. Thus the winter temperature averages approximately 23C allowing Airlie Beach to enjoy perfect winter days.

Can we swim in the Whitsundays?

During the summer months it is common for stingers to be found in the Coral Sea waters surrounding The Whitsundays. It is recommended a stinger suit be worn all year round though as stingers travel with the warm currents which can vary month to month. Most tour operators provide stingers suits as part of their package price for your convenience.

airlie-beach-swimmingThe resort also has a wet edge pool and spa on site, and the life guard patrolled; kid friendly lagoon in the heart of Airlie is a major attraction all year round.

The Airlie Beach Lagoon is situated right in the centre of Airlie Beach and has become the focal point of the area. If you want a great day of relaxation with no admission fee, "spend a day at the Lagoon".  The experiences on offer are not just a result of the physical facilities but rather a combination of natural and man-made attributes that allow a visitor to enjoy Airlie Beach's "Beach" with all its security and support.

The lagoon is surrounded by grassy knolls, perfect for a spot of sunbathing, or finding a quiet spot in the shade to read a book. The sandy beach area at one end provides a safe stinger free environment for the children to play in the shallows and the lagoon is surrounded by landscaped gardens for added aesthetic appeal.

Will I be able to visit the Great Barrier Reef from the Airlie Beach?

Most definitely, the Whitsundays feature the ultimate Great Barrier Reef Experience - under, above and on the reef!

You can do a tour to the reef from the mainland and visit all the resort islands like Hamilton, Hayman and Daydreams Islands on a daily basis. Depending whether you have just half a day, a whole day or want to spend extended time on the reef and stay overnight, you can do it all from Airlie Beach.

The resort offers a tour desk service from reception that will advise you on the current tour specials, the best value and the “must not miss tours” on offer in the fabulous Whitsundays. They can also book your tickets and arrange transfers if required at the same time.

Is there a beach at Airlie Beach?

There are two swimming beaches in the town of Airlie Beach itself, Airlie Beach and Boathaven Beach. Boathaven Beach is a new public beach, built when the Port of Airlie marina was developed. It has soft, white sand, and a swimming enclosure in summer, with ample parking adjacent. If you have a car, there are plenty of beaches a little further afield. Cannonvale Beach is dog-friendly and has a swimming enclosure in summer as well. Dingo Beach, Hideaway Bay, Conway and Wilson Beaches are less than an hours drive from Airlie Beach, and often you can have a whole stretch of beach all to yourself.


How do we get to the main street in Airlie Beach?

The resort offers six scheduled shuttle bus runs into Airlie Main Street and back daily or it is a leisurely 15 minute downhill walk to town.  A quick phone call to the resort from the bottom of Mt Whitsunday Drive on your way back will get a golf buggy pick up to reception.